-Duke On December - 10 - 2015

After the gungame server changed IP, we lost most of our regulars 🙁 So, I decided to start a new server:

War3 Source

I recently put up a CS 1.6 server with Ultimate Warcraft, but it keeps crashing and i can’t be bothered to find out why. There are no error logs, and the support of the GSP is not much help, they are pretty much Clueless as to how solve problems. Their answer will most likely be “disable a plugin one by one to see what causes it”. It’s like they read from an instructionsbook.

Anyway, back to the War3 Source server. I am sure most of you gamers are familiar with war3 mod for CS by now. I have tried them all, and this must be the best one so far. I wont get into details how to play War3 Source, if you are new to it, say “war3menu” in game, and you get all the help you need.

I give you one tip: Gamers who are in our Steamgroup, and uses the Clantag SlackersHQ, will get an extra 25% XP. All the time, for kills, bombplants, defuse, etc etc. Aint that cool?

War3 Source at SlackersHQ.com

War3 Source at SlackersHQ.com

 -Duke   Founder, Admin and Cannonfodder

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