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How to make a transparent spray for Counter-Strike Source

Ever wanted to learn how to make those cool, transparent sprays in CS:S? It is very simple if you follow my tutorial!

First you need 2 things: Adobe Photoshop (it works with other programs too, like Gimp, but this tutorial is made with Photoshop) and a program called VTF Edit. You can download that from this page, or from the Homepage of VTF Edit.

Ok, lets start:

Open PS (Photoshop), make a new image from File -> New… Settings should be Background transparent, size 256×256 or 512×512.
Open the image that you want to use. Resize the image to 256×256 or 512×512. If it looks weird, make sure one side is 256 or 512, and the other less.
Use the lasso-tool to cut out the edges. Press CTRL + C to copy your image.

Lasso tool

Paste your cut out image into the first, blank image that you made as a new layer (CTRL + SHIFT + N). With the Eraser tool, erase the parts that you dont want to be there.


Now click the small image next to layer while holding the ‘Ctrl’ key. It should select the image that you cut out, creating a dotted line around it.


Go the the ‘Channels’ tab and click the icon to the left of the trash can. The picture should turn black with your image still selected.


Use the ‘Paint Bucket Tool’ and fill in you selected image with white.


Go back to the ‘Layers’ tab and click your second layer, then deselect your image by pressing ‘Ctrl+D’. The dotted line goes away…
Double click the color box, and set ‘R:’ ‘G:’ and ‘B:’ to 128. to make a grey color.


Use the ‘Paint Bucket Tool’ and fill in the background (the first, blank image) with the grey color, this area that you fill in with ‘128 gray’ will be the transparent part.


Now click File -> Save As… make sure that you save your spray as a ‘Targa’ file or a ‘.TGA’ file. Also make sure you checked the “Alpha Channels”.

Almost done!

Now open the VTF Edit, choose “Import” and find your .TGA image. No need to change any settings, just click save as.

Start CSS, import your spray and amaze the other players with your new, cool spray!


 -Duke   Founder, Admin and Cannonfodder

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