-Duke On August - 19 - 2016

Recently the two servers reached 100,000 players, with almost 1,000,000 headshots in 21,000,000 kills 🙂

Its sad to see that so many left after the IP change tho… But hopefully we will soon be back to the old glory!

Keep calm and keep fragging!

 -Duke   Founder, Admin and Cannonfodder

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  1. SlackersHQ l Dutet says:

    Don’t know if I’m supposed to write in swedish or not, so I’ll be writing in english for now.
    I don’t know if there are any of the old admins left here, like Mccoy, ztreak and so on.
    Anyway, i just came to think of SlackersHQ and googled it to see if the server was still up and i found this page.
    I used to be an admin way back.
    Who created this site? Are any of the old players still here?
    Good fraggin y’all.

  2. -Duke -Duke says:

    Mcoy is still here, I only changed name to -Duke. Never could find a name that I feel happy with 😉

    A few old players been around, but not really Active any more.

    English is always good, since the server still is “outsourced”, this time in Germany. Seems WC3 is not so popular any more, but join the fun in the gungame server 🙂

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